History of MFAC Timor-Leste

General Secretary

The General Secretariat is responsible for ensuring the services instrumental or supporting the internal functioning of the ministry, namely in the areas of general office and financial management; a Directorate-General for Affairs Bilateral, responsible for monitoring and coordinating of the relations maintained by the Timorese State with other States; a Directorate General for Multilateral Affairs and Journal of the Republic


  1. 1975: José Ramos-Horta

  2. 2000–2006: José Ramos-Horta

  3. 2006–2007: José Luís Guterres

  4. 2007: Adaljíza Albertina Xavier Reis Magno (acting)

  5. 2007–2012: Zacarias da Costa

  6. 2012–2015: José Luís Guterres

  7. 2015–2017: Hernâni Coelho

  8. 2017–2018: Aurélio Guterres

  9. 2018–2020: Dionísio Babo Soares

  10. 2020 – 2023: Adaljíza Albertina Xavier Reis Magno